Thursday, October 8, 2015

ES futures 15 min chart, forming a tight triangle pennant this evening

AEGR long setup, resistance is 14.40

RXDX, short idea, bear wedge pennant

ES 120 min update from early in week, the Inv H&S tagged it's measured move

Looks like we got a Martin Zweig Breadth Thrust signal, longer term could be bullish, but short term can pullback

NYMO McClellan Oscillator, closed above the upper Bollinger Bands which is rare, and above 90

the 30 min projection chart, here's the original chart and the updated, played out 1/2 way, but will it pullback now?

SPX daily charts, resistance is 2019 pivot, and should it blow through there then 61.8 Fib at 2032

GDX 60 min, price moved out of the triangle but reversed, formed negative divergence, good place for pullback

SPX broke out of that intra day triangle I pointed earlier, not monitoring to see if it struggels at the up trend

60 min view of GDX and ABX, otherwise many of the p.m. stocks are forming triangle patterns on 60 min

AUY follow up, many of the gold stocks still remain strong like AUY

SPX 30 min view, futures recovered off their overnight lows, however here's a scenario that could play out

Here's on my ES Pro Strategy, this is running live money, last night sold most of position for profit