Tuesday, September 29, 2015

HRL trade idea, price is coiling into a large triangle pattern, one to monitor

Update on BG posted earlier, some vol came into it late in day, we'll see if it can follow through

follow up to that 3 min triangle pattern, as you can see it broke down.

SPX 3 min, normally I would not post this short of a time frame here, but given the volatility

BG long idea, basing pattern holding up for now, also the 15 min has a flag pattern

60 min view of SPX cash, bounced this morning from oversold but overall no change in the pattern, note trendlines

if a doji forms, we have a precise mechanical strategy to show you how to trade these shown in our 5 hr recorded tutorial

So far doji candlesticks forming on the daily SPX cash chart

AAPL short idea follow up, been on our short list for a while, finally broke down some today

Crude Oil getting tighter than a drum, building up energy coiling into this pattern and MA's are pinching

The NYMO McClellan Oscillator closed below it's lower Bollinger Bands Yesterday

Perhaps some capitulation/washout is occurring in the Biotech sector, note the substantial vol increase

SPX monthly view, I find this chart fascinating how time symmetry here called the top!

SPX cash daily views, note the Aug lows and the daily pivot

USO crude ETF, getting tight in this triangle pattern, here's a daily and 60 min view

Daily charts of Silver and Gold, triangle patterns

Make sure to take some profits on these short idea's we've had, ASH, POT, SEM, CAT

ABX daily look, gold stocks down today as well but overall it's still in the same wedge pattern