Thursday, January 30, 2014

SPY Professional system acheives its first exit!

Hello everyone, as you know the SPY Professional system went long yesterday at the close and the market is up nicely today, here's an important trade notification regarding this system, click the newsletter link before for more details about the system and this current trade!

This system has 96% winning trades - if you are not a member to Breakpoint Trades - subscribe to your 6 month membership and start receiving email trade notifications to this system!!  Just one winning trades more than pays for your membership and had you been a member for the last year, you would have paid for your membership for many lifetimes and would have made many 1000's of dollars. 

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Matthew Frailey

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jan 26th Market Newsletter and Automated systems

With the recent market sell off from last week, here's my most recent newsletter, and there is also discussion of our automated systems

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Powerful Free 3 1/2 hr Education Tutorial

Hello everyone, here's the weekend commodity newsletter, however a LOT of extra stuff is included in this newsletter that is not commodity related such as discussion on the SPY systems and I even include a 3 1/2 hr Education Tutorial which will amaze you so make sure to listen!   And if you are not a member - consider become a paying subscriber, our 6 month rates are extremely reasonable. 

Best to your trading week!

Matthew Frailey

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Updated Market Statistics for last year and something to monitor for the new year

Hello all, as you know the market is nicely down today, not surprised with the divergence that was in place.  

Anyway I have updated the market statistics that I like to show at the first of the year and into 1st quarter - we showed these table last year in early Jan (for the Jan stats) and in march for the (1st quarter) which also ended very strong, both foretold that the market would likely end the year very strong and it did - Dow gained 35.6% for the year as you can see after after a strong 5% gain in Jan and 11.3% gain by the 1st quarter.  

Now it will be interesting how these look this year, clearly not a good start today LOL