Monday, January 26, 2015

My most recent newsletter

Hello everyone, here's my free newsletter,

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gold comments

$GOLD - Chart Link - in last night's newsletter I discussed the monthly chart of gold, I added annotations to my chart to reflect what I discussed.  Have to see if the MACD is crossed at the end of the month

$GOLD - Chart Link - short term daily - gold is up 6.5 today, but I'd still use some caution with yesterday's doji -today's move so far is not taking that doji out yet and it's early yet so anything goes today

Monday, January 12, 2015

Commodity Newsletter with focus on Precious Metals Sector

Hello everyone and happy Monday, here's a newsletter I sent out over the weekend to my subscribers at Breakpoint Trades that focused primarily on the precious metals sector.  I actually had 3 weekend newsletters (one on general commodities, on one precious metals and gold, and one on the general market).   I give a lot of good swing trade ideas in this newsletter as the moving averages on many of these are aligning to the positive side as discussed in our recorded 5 1/2 hr tutorial

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otherwise so far the general market is NOT starting off January well


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday Jan 7th, Newsletter

Hello everyone, here's tonight's newsletter, once again there are quite a few charts and the audio portion is longer than average, however this newsletter (like the previous 2) contains a lot of educational content, so it behooves you to take the time to listen, plus there's some nice trade ideas as well.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Crude Oil now testing trendline from 1998

$WTIC - Chart Link - amazing sell off this year, testing the long term trendline now.  We may be close to a bounce, however I still feel like we may need a short term capitulation where price sells off strongly in the morning and and goes below this line, and bounces back intra day to form a hammer - we need a washout in this market to rinse out the weak remaining longs and bottom pickers.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Crude Oil is nearing the long term trendine going back to 1998

Wow, Crude Oil is nearing the long term trendine going back to 1998, that trendline is probably a magnet in the short term.

BPT MA Deluxe comments

Price close just above the ATR trialing stop indicator today, remember last week I mentioned how far price was above it, it was too far, now it's come back to it, will either act as support or slice through it.  However you can think of the ATR like a MA, when price gets too far from it, it will always be reeled back in.

a few other comments:  notice that the 60 stochastic closed just above 80%, the 80% area can act as a support level at times. Also the 14 RSI is near 40%, that's also an area to monitor.

again we have that open gap below as well, maybe we fill that then try to bounce, if not then will get uglier

PM gold/silver stocks follow up with comments

HMY - Chart Link - here's some that I've had in recent newsletters, I like to keep an eye on the moving average configuration, that's a concept taught in the tutorials, I commented how it had went positive on HMY last week, here's some others that I have commented on

GFI - Chart Link - weekly MA configuration is bullish, big pop today

GFI - Chart Link

AUY - Chart Link - the MA configuration has not turned positive yet, but it's something to monitor if it starts to turn up

SIL - Chart Link

GOLD - Chart Link - keep an eye on the MA config

AGI - Chart Link - one I mentioned last week

AG - Chart Link - one I mentioned last week

AR.TO - Chart Link - one I mentioned a couple weeks back, watch for a higher low