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Commodity Newsletter Sunday Apr 17th 2011

Commodity Newsletter Sunday Apr 17th 2011

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Tuesday Apr 5th 2011, Newsletter with discussion of a new System we are launching soon! - http://bit.ly/fWgKVu

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Tuesday Apr 5th 2011 Newsletter - http://bit.ly/fWgKVu

Silver comments

$SILVER - daily, negative divergence forming on daily chart now

$SILVER - 53% above the 200 day MA

may go higher, but not objective for buying long term positions at this point.  Best to buy on pullbacks near the 200 MA

Monday, April 4, 2011

General Market Newsletter for Sunday April 3rd, 2011 - http://bit.ly/h1kIeL
Some favorite trade set-ups and trading ideas from this weekend - http://bit.ly/fffNlA

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Thursday March 31st Newsletter with S&P, Commodity & Individual Trade Ideas - http://bit.ly/hCDlBv