Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 Newsletter- Free

Wild day, here's my comprehensive newsletter review along with trade ideas inside, best viewed from a desktop

FPRX follow up to recent long idea, NICE breakout from the pennant

ERI long idea, we liked this as a swing trade in Mar in the $4's, still like it fundamentally, note trendline

IMGN long idea updated chart, posted earlier, broke out

CMA and PB in the bank sector already broke out but have nice patterns could follow through more over time

CIT long idea, bank stock, flagging off the 5 EMA

TCB long idea in the bank sector, resistance noted at trendline

FBP long idea in the bank sector, MA's are pinching here with trendline resistance

FNFG long idea, breakout play in the bank sector

BKU posted earlier as a long idea is a bank stock, I'll post some others

Bank sector having a good day due to possible rate hike in Dec which benefits their earnings

BKU long idea breakout play nearing resistance

here's 5 min views of SPX and GDX, hope you guys took profits before that FOMC or hedged!

AUY broke out and a lot of pm stocks pushed put have pulled back, Fed decision could cause some vol here

NPTN long idea from last week updated chart

SPX 5 min intra day view, short term after the ramp up the market is a bit extended, and FED on deck at 2

Hello all, rather than posting a bunch of charts, here's our newsletter review of the market and trade ideas


IMGN long idea from other day, bumping up against resistance at 11.45

SPX 2 hr view, same deal bounced off 20 EMA, support is uptrend line, monitor 60 Stochastics 80% level

SPX 60 min view, not much to say, bounced off support, resistance coming up, Yellon on deck at 2 EST

OAS 60 min and daily view, long idea on the list for a while has been wedging down, poking it's head out of wedge

BVN another gold stock, been consolidating for over 2 week, unfilled gap above, could be a target

NEM long idea, another gold stocks, resistance coming up

EGO long idea in the precious metals area, trendline resistance above

AUY long idea, still holds in this pennant pattern, been on trade list for a while still monitoring

ABX long idea, gold stock testing 20 MA wedge, FOMC today could be a pos or neg catalyst for these pm stocks