Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SPY Pro and Ver 2 systems follow up

FYI - just to confirm, as I stated yesterday afternoon in an email and in last night's newsletter, the SPY Professional and SPY Ver 2 systems both sold their long positions this morning on the open and are now in cash waiting for the next trade. All systems are now in cash - SPY Pro, SPY Ver 2, SPY RSI 2, and DVY RSI 2 systems 

As you know, this was a very nice trade, both systems went long at the Aug 27th bottom.  Congrats to all who took the system trades!

I have now updated the statistics and trades on the website - here's a link to the page which shows the trade history to all the systems (SPY Pro, SPY Ver 2, SPY RSI 2, and DVY RSI 2 systems)

CLICK HERE to see a list of all trades together

Also here's the system reports:

- SPY Professional Non-Scaleout Version

- SPY Professional Scaleout Version

- SPY Professional Compounded Version

- SPY Ver 2 System

- SPY Ver 2 Compounded Version

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Commodity Newsletter

Here's my most recent commodity newsletter

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Matthew Frailey

Video example of futures trading using hidden or reverse divergence

Hello everyone, here's a video I made at the end of the day in which I discuss divergence with a focus on reverse divergence.  In the video I do a playback on Dow YM futures and I take trades as divergence sets up.  

Please note, this video is quite long, about 28 min and I was unable to convert the video to flash, therefore this video will only play in Windows Media Player!  However most of you should have that even if you have a MAC, but you would have to install Windows Media player.  

Again the video might be boring to some of you, but if you trade futures it's worth a look

CLICK HERE to watch the video

Here's another link that opens in windows media player only if the above doesn't work

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our most recent Newsletter

Big day in the market today after the FOMC!  In tonight's newsletter I cover the market, our SPY Pro system which has been long during this entire move, and precious metals and gold stocks which could become swing trades.

You can view the Newsletter Here.

Best to your evening,

Matthew Frailey

Here's a good depiction of the FOMC


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Newsletter and SPY Professional System

Hello Everyone, here's the weekend general market newsletter - please note, this newsletter contains a very detailed discussion of the SPY Professional System - thus make sure to listen to tonight's newsletter

CLICK HERE To view the Newsletter

best to your evening and it should be an eventual week!

Matthew Frailey

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our most recent Newsletter

Hello Everyone, the market has had a nice move off the Aug 27th low and our SPY Profession system has been killing it!  

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Monday, September 9, 2013

SPY Pro Scaleout system hit its second price target

As I discussed previously to keep an eye on, the SPY Pro system just hit its second scaleout profit target and exited another 20% of its shares - the system now has 60% of its remaining shares left.  I've updated the trade on the website, you can find it in this section (click here), as well as the updated statistics - the system now has 96.06% winning trades, 685 winning trades, only 26 losing trades over nearly 19 years.

Should this trade continue to be held, here's something to be on the look out for

CLICK HERE to watch the video,

The SPY Ver 2 is long (it does not scale out)

The DVY RSI 2 system is long and will exit its long position today at the close

Market intra day comments

$SPX - Chart Link - market up as you know, however as you can see from the 15 and 60 min charts, price is still staying inside the channel with the upper trendline acting as resistance

$SPX - Chart Link