Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SPY Pro and Ver 2 systems follow up

FYI - just to confirm, as I stated yesterday afternoon in an email and in last night's newsletter, the SPY Professional and SPY Ver 2 systems both sold their long positions this morning on the open and are now in cash waiting for the next trade. All systems are now in cash - SPY Pro, SPY Ver 2, SPY RSI 2, and DVY RSI 2 systems 

As you know, this was a very nice trade, both systems went long at the Aug 27th bottom.  Congrats to all who took the system trades!

I have now updated the statistics and trades on the website - here's a link to the page which shows the trade history to all the systems (SPY Pro, SPY Ver 2, SPY RSI 2, and DVY RSI 2 systems)

CLICK HERE to see a list of all trades together

Also here's the system reports:

- SPY Professional Non-Scaleout Version

- SPY Professional Scaleout Version

- SPY Professional Compounded Version

- SPY Ver 2 System

- SPY Ver 2 Compounded Version

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