Monday, September 9, 2013

SPY Pro Scaleout system hit its second price target

As I discussed previously to keep an eye on, the SPY Pro system just hit its second scaleout profit target and exited another 20% of its shares - the system now has 60% of its remaining shares left.  I've updated the trade on the website, you can find it in this section (click here), as well as the updated statistics - the system now has 96.06% winning trades, 685 winning trades, only 26 losing trades over nearly 19 years.

Should this trade continue to be held, here's something to be on the look out for

CLICK HERE to watch the video,

The SPY Ver 2 is long (it does not scale out)

The DVY RSI 2 system is long and will exit its long position today at the close

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