Sunday, March 16, 2014

Long Term 401K paint dry system is 401K system section done etc

I have completed the 401K system section with text, current chart, statistics, and past charts.  

The long only version of the system, your money grew by 421 times the original investment vs 30 times via buy and hold.

and for the long/short version, it grew by 745 times wow. Also what's nice is that I can take this method all the way back to 1922 using the Dow Jones and the system performs beautifully, even avoiding the 1929 crash.  I will put together that table one day however not today obviously.  Also I am going to add these long term rules to the BPT MA Deluxe to catch these

CLICK HERE to view the section

Note I have not yet completed the BPT MA Deluxe tab but will do so either tonight or early this week.  I have both newsletters this weekend so my time is limited. 

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