Sunday, June 8, 2014

BPT General Market Newsletter

Hello everyone, here's the General Market Newsletter, which contains, market analysis, trade ideas, education, and discussion on our new service coming.

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Also please see our coupon below, this is the last one at these prices, take advantage now!!

Attention!!! We are raising our awesome 6 month membership price on July 1st from $40 a month to $50 a month or $240 to $300. Our prices have been the same since 2003, thus this a VERY modest increase.

HOWEVER before we raise prices, here's a coupon for 25% off our 6 month membership!  Use this to snag a 6 month membership at bargain prices!


**25% Coupon** off a Breakpoint Trades Membership! (expires Jan 1st 2012!)


Use this coupon code ( 0551087D68 ) to get an additional 25% off of our 6 month membership! Please note this offer only applies to our 6 month membership!


Here's how to sign up and receive our special offer: Click on the URL below and you will be brought to your members landing page, select the 6 month membership Special Sale, choose your payment method, and enter the coupon code 0551087D68, then click on the order button.


**Click Here** - Sign Up Page (New Members)


 Note: if you've had a membership with us before, you will need to use use this link instead and enter your email address:


Sign Up Page for Previous BPT members

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