Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SPY Pro that trades a 5 min ES chart

A fun side note to the BPT Pro system.  I have a professional version that trades ES, it has 99.6% winning trades, with 3592 trades and 629 consecutive winning trades -  however it's really not a system for most of us here because it is designed to trade large numbers of ES contracts - 50 to 600 ES contracts or more, which is a little rich for my blood and probably for most of you - the lowest # I would trade the system with would be probably 30 - 40 ES contracts, though it does better with more because what the systems does is that it takes the daily trade signals, then uses a 5 min chart to scale in an out at extreme levels intra day and overnight, and the more contracts it trades, the better it can do this.

anyway I suppose if there are any hedgefunds here or Pros, you can contact me if you are interested. Otherwise most of us won't be trading this obviously because of the capital needed, but it's kind of neat to look at the trades and it's a slow day so posting it for fun.  Though maybe one day I could set this up on my IB account and some of you accredited investors could link to my account for a fund of some sort, who knows

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