Sunday, October 27, 2013

Uranium Stocks

Some of you have posted how the Uranium stocks have started to move, I cover this in the weekend newsletter, here's some of those charts.  Some of them look interested, however as a side note, generally this is the last 'crap' or sector to rally before the market has a correction - so could be another sign that things are toppy.  Note that I added a lot of symmetry projections, this technique is shown in the tutorial.

URA - Chart Link, ETF

U.TO - Chart Link - price back to long base

DNN - Chart Link - price back to long base support

DNN - Chart Link

CCJ - Chart Link - one of the large caps

CCJ - Chart Link - 60 min view

URRE - Chart Link - back to long term base

URRE - Chart Link

PDN.TO - Chart Link

NRG - Chart Link

NRG - Chart Link

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