Monday, March 30, 2015

SPY Pro system 1st scaleout achieved

Hello everyone, the SPY Pro system achieved it's first scaleout!  Remember this system scales out of 20% of it's position after a 1.25% gain in profit.  This leaves 80% of the shares still in a long trade.  So far nice trade from the lows of last week! Had someone simply bought 100 shares of SPY, one would nearly have paid for a 6 month membership.  

For the SPY Pro combined system - since this system combines all three SPY systems (SPY Pro, Ver 2, and RSI 2), you would sell only 8% of your shares and still have 92% of the position.

By the way, the next scaleout comes in at a 2.5% gain for the SPY pro where it will sell another 20%, and of course another 8% for the SPY Pro combined system

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