Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Comments on Gold and Gold stocks

Obviously one heck of a rally today in gold and gold stocks and nice follow through on yesterday morning\'s buy signal in the GDX/GLD ratio.

Some intra day comments, gold stocks have come a long way a, however they appear to be consolidating and forming a bull flags on the 5 min chart, therefore I would not be surprised to see them rally again in the afternoon or in the morning. Therefore, keep an eye on the larger cap gold stocks as they tend to follow the GDX well. 

Also, while many gold stocks have broke out to new highs and the gold stocks that I mentioned yesterday have done well (HL, NG, GDX, GG are doing well), however here\'s a few that have not yet taken out their highs, below are the dynamic URL\'s, just click to open

GSS - bo over 3.71



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