Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some chart

Here are the 1X Short ETF\'s that I\'m keeping my eye on for when the market indexes put in 5th wave tops.  I like the 1X ETF\'s because they should not degrade as much as the 2X and 3X ETF\'s and thus could be held for longer periods of time for swings.

Let the market put in a top instead of trying to pick a top.  I\'ve listed thee criteria on the chats to look for:  1. 60 period stochastics. 2. Aroon  3.  50 day MA and trendlines of the bull wedges.

SH daily chart

DOG daily chart

PSQ daily chart

Also keep an eye on these long term trending indicators for a reversal as well:

NAAD Cumulative chart

NYSI Cumulative chart

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