Thursday, October 1, 2009

SPX 60 min with 233 CCI - comments

Since there has been some discussion on the blog regarding my 60 min SPX chart with the 233 CCI.  I've discussed this chart before; it has been a good trendling indicator for catching major trends when the 233 CCI goes below zero along with Aroon crossovers.  It's not perfect as it can whipsaw from time to time, but when it works it catches the big trend. 

Here's the updated chart, as you can see the 233 CCI is now right at the zero level.  Also the SPX is right on the 233 EMA.  Therefore via this trending indicator, it's close to a breakpoint.  Also Aroon indicator at the top tends to cross around the same time as the 233 CCI, which is not close yet, but sometimes it's a few days late. here's a dynamic chart as well

SPX 60 min dynamic chart with 233 CCI

and here's one for non-stockchart members:

SPX 60 min chart for non stockchart members - click the link and a page will show up that says, please visit, however ignore that message, then click on the URL and
hit refresh and the chart will show up.

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