Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MACD KISS method

As you know, I've shown various tips and tricks for you guys to add to your traders toolbox, I've shown alternative methods to using indicators by looking for a confirmed cross for MACD, moving averages, RSI etc, however here's something that you might not have thought of, I call it the Kiss method, and this video will be how to use it for the MACD.  Most traders use MACD to either point out divergence, or to look for crossovers, however this is an alternative method that I came up with where instead of looking for crossovers, you take very low risk trades when the MACD touch one other or kiss.  This is akin to buying support or selling resistance because your stops can be extremely tight - i.e. stop out if the MACD actually crosses.  This method doesn't happen that often, however the nice thing about it is that it works on any stock or index and any time frame.  

Here's a 6 min video I made on this method, as well as example charts


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