Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Follow up to the SPY daily modified system

A follow up from the systems yesterday, the SPY daily modified system exited today on the open as I stated it would yesterday - this system is different than the RSI 2 system (which exited yesterday on the close), it exits longs on the next day open.  

Both the SPY daily RSI 2 and SPY daily modified systems are now flat and waiting on their next trade.  Please don't take their exit as a general sell signal or short for the market, remember that these are reversion to mean systems - they buy pullbacks in uptrends and short rallies in downtrends (they are not trying to short tops), and they are only in the market about 20  -30% of the time - their goal is to get in and get out, not to stay in the market for entire trends

All the systems are now flat, when they do another trade, I will let you know.

below are the performance reports showing all the statistics of the two SPY systems. 

SPY daily modified system performance report

SPY daily RSI 2 system performance report

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