Sunday, January 27, 2013

XLE system and trading OIH instead of XLE

I've stated this before, however I thought that I would bring it up again: Even though the XLE swing system is based on signals from indicators on the XLE and BPENER chart, you actually make quite a bit more money if you buy OIH in place of XLE! Obviously one could trade ERX and ERY and do even better, however my problem with those ETF's is that too many folks get into trouble with the triple leveraged ETF's thus it's nice to be able to trade a 1X ETF like OIH instead.  As you can see, via trading OIH, you have a higher winning percentage, a higher profit factor, and a higher total net profit

I've attached two TS reports, the first is the the system if you trades XLE, the second report shows if you traded OIH instead. For the stats, I'm using 100K per trade non compounded.  If I used compounded, it goes up to 11 million.

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