Friday, February 8, 2013

Follow up on AAPL

AAPL - Chart Link - AAPL is about $40 point s off the lows, and for now has bounced off the weekly long term uptrend line from 2003, which we pointed out when it occurred

AAPL - Chart Link - here's a daily view - Once AAPL starting to get into the earnings gap, it was logical for it to push higher - however notice that it has tested the 480.58 low from early Jan, which for now is acting as resistance, otherwise if this can be cleared the downtrend line is your next resistance point.

One thing to note; the MACD now has a positive cross, so this confirmed the divergence at the low

AAPL - Chart Link - here's a 30 min view, which I showed earlier in the week and a potential bullish W pattern which I also discussed - you can see the resistance low from Jan 15th

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