Monday, February 25, 2013

SPY Ver 2 system follow up

As a follow up to my post last Friday, the SPY Ver 2 system which went long last Wednesday and Thur is doing well so far - a trade signal email was sent out last week.

All the market has to do is close slightly up today and this system will get an exit signal - however it will exit tomorrow on the open and not at the close today - all longs for the SPY Ver 2 system are exited on the next day open vs the close of the day (make sure to read the overview tab for this system).  This is explained in the Tradestation Systems section in the overview tab for this system.  Remember these are reversion to mean systems, they are not trend followings systems, i.e. they buy pullbacks in uptrends and short rallies in downtrends - they mostly get in a trade and get out fairly quickly, once in a while they will hold a trade for a couple months but most of the time they are in and out fairly quickly and ONLY in the market about 25% of the time.  This allows you to have your money working somewhere else the other 75% of the time

click here to read about about the SPY Ver 2 system, and here's the full Tradestation Performance report showing all the trades and detailed stats.  Also make sure to read the Overview Tab in this section, which explains the systems in general.  

The other reversion to mean systems didn't take the long trade (SPY RSI 2, DVY RSI 2) etc because they needd a deeper pullback.  Only the SPY Ver 2 went long.

I will be setting up a Webinar soon to discuss the systems and trades in detail.

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