Monday, June 3, 2013

SPY 60 min with BPT MA Deluxe Educational Example

As you know I've been showing the BPT MA Deluxe indicator, which I've provided for free to members, however I've found that too many of you are treating this indicator as a system, which it is not; it's best to use it as a guide and a tool along with other indicators and price action.

Here's a great example showing a 60 min SPY chart and how using the BPT MA along with price action, Bollinger Bands,  and Stochastics to get a MUCH more objective short trade when this indicator finally turned red on May 22nd

**CLICK HERE** to watch a short 5 min video explanation

Also see the attached detailed chart example with written annotations - these are the type of things that I would like to discuss in a future webinar on how to use this indicator.

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