Friday, May 4, 2012

RSI 2 strategy discussion

Here's a quick discussion on two of my RSI 2 strategies.

Here's the Video to discuss

The common RSI 2 strategy that goes long when RSI 2 closes below 10% and above the 200 day MA and short when RSI 2 closes above 90% and below the 200 day MA will not be going long today, as the 2 RSI is currently at 14.65%, it needs to close below 10%.  This strategy is single version, i.e. all in 100%

The second RSI strategy uses a scale in version of 4 parts: 30%, 20%, 20%, 30%.  So it's not always fully invested.  This one uses a 2 RSI as well, however I'm using the BPT EMA RSI.  This strategy will be going long today at the close for a 30% position

again eventually I'll make these strategies available in our BPT store for Tradestation and Multicharts users

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