Monday, August 19, 2013

Commodity Newsletter and General Market Newsletter from BPT

Hello everyone, first off I hope you had a nice weekend! As you know last weekend I sent you two of our newsletters, one for the general market and one for precious metals commodities:  

These newsletters were spot on because in our General Market Newsletter we warned about a top in the market and then last week the market subsequently had a strong correction.  Also in our commodity precious metals newsletter I stated how gold stocks looked the best they have in many months and looked like great swing trade candidates, well last week gold stocks on average rallied 12.5%!   I hope you guys paid heed to these newsletters and made some profits!

Anyway here's our followup weekend newsletters:

1. Commodity Precious Metals Weekend report

2. Weekend General Market Newsletter

Please take the time to review and I hope that you consider becoming a paying member of Breakpoint Trades.

best regards,

Matthew Frailey

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