Thursday, August 1, 2013

Updated Market Stats

Earlier this year in January I posted these market stats - one shows the effect of a strong January, this year the market closed up 5% for Jan, which boded well for the year with every year except for 1987 gained 20% or more after gaining 5% or more in January.  Then we had a very strong 1st quarter this year, which also boded well for the year as a whole (95% chance via the stats), by the way the market had a strong 1st quarter last year as well.  Currently the Dow is up 16% this year (SPX is up 19%).  Obviously the 3rd quarter isn't closed yet and we'll probably have some kind of pullback during the 3rd quarter - however historical stats still suggest the market will close the year up 10% more more, the one exception was 1987 where the market had a 23% correction in the 4th quarter, however ironically it still ended up 2% of the year because the first quarters were so strong

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