Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just go back a few in ago - update on SPY Pro system, etc

I have updated the SPT Pro trades on the website to reflect the statistics and the trades, as you are well aware of, the SPY pro and SPY Ver 2 systems closed out their long trade this morning on the open - this was covered on Friday via an email and blog sticky post.

Anyway another good trade for the SPY systems, the DVY RSI 2 system is still in a trade of course, it needs a close back above the 9 day SMA to get an exit signal, which it missed by only 3 cents on Friday LOL.

The SPY Pro now has 96.05% winning trades, SPY Ver 2 now has 86.21!, the SPY RSI 2 system has 86.11% winning trades.  The DVY RSI 2 system has 90% winning trades but we'll have to see how this trade closes out.

Here's a few snapshots of stats and performance curves and yearly gains.  I will discuss these in tonight's newsletter of course.

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