Thursday, August 8, 2013

GDX chart

GDX - Chart Link Steve's daily that he made early last week for a tutorial, price tagged that trendline target and reversed

GDX - Chart Link - another daily

GDX - Chart Link - 15 min view, you had time to jump on it this morning

GDX - Chart Link - 60 min chart with Fibs, bounce tested the 130 MA, which is the same as the 20 day MA, and 50% Fib.  Steve added a potential wave count either ABC or a more bullish 5 wave, even under the ABC would make another high.

For those of you who want to hold - GDX has no business retracing all of today's gains, so you could use that as a stop, you dont' even want to see it retrace more than say 60% of today's candle - so these are some guidelines should you wish to give it some room vs just day trading

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