Sunday, May 19, 2013

SPY 60 min system and BPT MA Deluxe comments

As you my know, I have a SPY 60 min system that I made available ONLY to members who have purchased the BPT systems (from the Tradestation Systems section).  Again just to clarify, all of you are emailed trade signals to the daily systems when the systems do a trade, in other works you don't need to have a Tradestation account to receive the email trade alerts to these systems.  HOWEVER I do NOT send out email signals to the intra day systems because of logistical problems i.e. the daily systems are not a problem because the trade signals and exits are at the close, however intra day systems like the 60 min SPY system can occur any time during the day and you can't wait around for me to send an email for that, therefore ONLY members who purchase the systems to be installed on their own computers get access to these extra systems (which can also be automated).

Anyway back to what I was going to discuss:  As you know I've been showing examples of the BPT MA Deluxe moving average indicator and how it can be useful as a trending indicator on certain settings.  Here's an example of it on the SPY 60 min system and how I am going to add it to the 60 min SPY system and other systems to hold trades for longer periods of time.  Currently the SPY 60 min system already has excellent stats of 98% winning trades and a 167 profit factor (see the stats below), however this video shows a few examples how I'm planning to add this indicator to make it better.  If this works, I'll be sharing the new code and system workspaces with you.  I also plan to test this on my 5 min ES system and the daily systems

**Click Here** to watch the video

also note: the attached system statistcs do NOT include the addition of the BPT MA Deluxe, I will show new statistics once I am able to code this

**Click here** to view the system statistics (does not include the BPT MA Deleuxe yet

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