Monday, April 29, 2013

Here's a Mechanical SPY daily system that wins 96% of its trades!

Hello everyone, as you know the market is once again testing it's all time highs from 3 weeks ago with the SPX near 1600!

However here's an mechanical system that I developed a while back, it's a daily swing system based on the SPY ETF, which is the 1X ETF for the S&P 500.  This system is a reversion to mean system, which means that it buys pullbacks in uptrends and shorts rallies in downtrends, however it also has a trending component to it which allow it to hold trades for longer periods of time when the indicators line up.  Also this system has a scale out component to it which helps to reduce risk and increase the winning percentages.

Key Statistics:

- This system has 95.8% winning trades going back 18 years on the SPY.  

- 714 total trades with 684 of those winning trades and only 29 of them losing trades

- 109 consecutive winning trades

- profit factor of 20.5, which means that for every 1 dollar it lost, it made 20.

Here's a URL to the full Tradestation Statistics Performance report, which lists all the key statistics, trades, etc

The system went long 2 weeks ago on April 18th and exited it's long trade for a nice winning trade!

I've also attached the chart showing the recent trades as well as a few key statistics

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