Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nice market sell off today, congrats if you took positions in our trade ideas

The market finally has a decent sell off today, perhaps sometimes of intermediate top is finally in place, that should surprise no one.

Otherwise here's some recent trade ideas that we have been showing in order to take advantage of a pullback in the market.  

SOXL is the 3X inverse ETF for the Semiconductors Index, as noted in previous posts below it sported a H&S top, it's now breaking down quite nicely, congrats if you caught this trade!

SOXS is the 3X long ETF for the Semiconductor index, it's up nicely off the bottom, congrats if you took this trade

The Russell 2000 started to break down the other day and has been lagging.

We also noted that the energy sectors were weak such as the XLE which sported a bear wedge pattern and an absolutely perfect H&S pattern on the 15 min chart.  We provided ERY, which is the -3X ETF as a trade idea, as you can see it's doing quite well, congrats if you caught this.

otherwise let's see how the day closes.  For faster updates, please subscribe to your paid service: Currently our 6 month membership is the best deal at 50% off our standard monthly rate, here's a URL to our signup page

Matthew Frailey

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